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Happy Tails Urban Adventures is about providing your special pet with the best and exclusive care that they deserve.  Have the peace of mind knowing that we will be there to love and care for your pets when you are away. No matter what your pet’s needs are, Happy Tails Urban Adventures is here to work with you to create the perfect dog walking and pet care routine. Your pet is special and unique to you and your family and their pet care should be too.

We cater to the North and West Vancouver area, specializing in private dog walks in your neighborhood. Or for the more energetic and adventurous pup, we will hike one of many, beautiful North Shore trails.  And for our cat visits individualized doting, cuddles or brushing is included to make them feel even more extraordinary.

Happy Tails Urban Adventures is dedicated to each of our furry friends at every visit.  We can’t replace you but we work hard to maintain the high standards just like you.

Fontaine chow

Fontaine chow


My name is Fontaine and this is my story.  

Since 2004, I made a living in a corporate office troubleshooting and solving other people’s IT problems.  Some days are good and some days I don’t even get to go outside to see what the weather is like.  Realizing and finally accepting how important animals have always been to me (dogs have been a part of my family since I was born), it made sense to follow my calling and give back to our pets what they have always given to me – happiness, respect, and unconditional love.  

Let’s be honest, it can be stressful not only for our pets, but for us as pet parents while we are separated from our furry friend. Being a proud (and often, humbled) dog parent of two, I understand the challenges that come along with being a busy adult human and a loving pet owner.

I have two rescue dogs of my own:  Leah, a Jack Russell/Chihuahua (I know, who thought that was a good idea?!) mix who loves me and hates everything else; and my happy-go-lucky boy Churro, who loves hikes, cuddles and everyone!

If anyone knows the benefits exercise has for dogs and their owners, it’s me.  When Leah arrived at my apartment she was dealing with a pretty severe case of separation anxiety.  Unless I want to be evicted or have to send her back to the rescue, a good, long walk with lots of positive reinforcement training and a consistent routine was the only way to get her to settle down when I go to work.  Churro is more than happy to tag along!  I’m sure you will agree with me when I say that a tired pet, is a happy and better behaved pet!

It is also important for me to add, that I am an advocate for positive reinforcement using force-free training techniques to communicate and work with our dogs.  Gone are the days of collar correcting and yelling “NO!”.  If it’s not working for a 5 year old kindergartner, why would you expect it to work on your dog?!

I thrive to continue to better understand our canine friends through continuing education and volunteer work. I am a volunteer at the amazing Lower Mainland Humane Society where they help rehabilitate animals with physical and behaviour issues as well as my community’s BC SPCA located in West Vancouver as a dog walker and companion.

It means the world to me that pet owners like yourself are thinking about their pet’s happiness and well-being. Our goal at Happy Tails Urban Adventures is simple – we help pets live longer and behave better through outdoor exercise, mental stimulation and exploring!

I wholeheartedly believe in all the services we provide you and your pet, and I’d love the chance to speak with you to share how we can help!

Contact me today for a Happy Tails Urban Adventure!